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How do I search effectively new Library Search?

Learn how to search, save, and cite using Library Search

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Databases Useful for Persuasive Speeches

While this video was created specifically for students in COMM 100, the databases discussed here may be useful for any student looking to understand point and counterpoint about popular controversial…

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Game of Microbes: Hemp, Crop Rotation, & Bacteria - Alan Snavely

An overview of some of the findings and ideas behind my Thesis project. Thanks so much for watching and feel free to ask questions / add comments!

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Brandon_Townsend_Virtual Persona and Gaming Communities: Player Interactions in Role-Playing Games

Video games are IN. They are a prevalent medium in today's growing marketplace of entertainment. What draws people in to participate in this Role-Playing escapism? With the help of the…

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Fracture Analysis of Drill Core from Pennsylvania’s Piedmont and Valley and Ridge Provinces - Tim Garner

Pennsylvania has varying geology, and there is a broadly insufficient understanding of subsurface fracture behavior in the six physiographic provinces found within the state. So, fracture analysis…

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Basic Search Techniques for Your Informative Speech

An introductory video created for students in COMM 100, showing basic search techniques using Academic Search Ultimate, an EBSCO database. Walks the student through the internal thought processes of…

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Ginger_Bradbury_Grief in the Classroom

This resource was created based on a study that used qualitative interviews with Millersville University faculty who have had experiences as teachers, administrators, and/or counselors dealing with…

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Juvenile Literature Research Guide

Explanation of the resources available on the Juvenile Literature Research Guide

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Request It (E-Z Borrow) Tutorial

How to use the Request It (E-Z Borrow) interlibrary loan service

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Searching the library physical item catalog

Demonstration of how to find items in the library's physical collection

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LSLC catalog searching

How to search the Library System of Lancaster County catalog

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How to search the CLCD

How to search the CLCD

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Academic Search Ultimate: Finding book reviews

Locating book reviews within Academic Search Ultimate

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Locating books in the Juvenile Collection

Finding books in the juvenile collection at Millersville University

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Tour of 104

Tour of 104

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