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Hannah_Kane Impact of Vitamin D on Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Impact of vitamin D on inflammatory breast cancer examining cell phenotype, cell viability, and cell migration.

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Emily_Dalessandro_Evolution of Parasitism: Genetic Changes in Molecular Pathways Regulating Dauer Formation

Parasitic nematodes infect billions of humans, animals, and plants across the globe, yet the genetic mechanisms that differentiate development of parasitic versus free-living nematode lifestyles…

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Gina Salerni The Impacts of Stochasticity on a Freshwater Ecosystem Model with Alternative Stable States

We studied a freshwater ecosystem model with alternative stable states to quantify the impacts that stochasticity would have. We compared different methods of quantifying transitions between states,…

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In the United States invasive species are one of the leading causes of native species requiring federal protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Our goal was to document the impacts of…

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Colin_Coggins_The Effects of Hypoglycemic Events on Cognitive Function in C57Bl/6J Male Mice

Overview of my thesis project about the impact of hypogylcemia on mice cognition. Discussion about experiment and results of the study (though not all results were included for time's sake). …

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Game of Microbes: Hemp, Crop Rotation, & Bacteria - Alan Snavely

An overview of some of the findings and ideas behind my Thesis project. Thanks so much for watching and feel free to ask questions / add comments!

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Emily_Dalessandro_A Parasitic Nematode with Divergent Developmental Outcomes

Strongyloides stercoralis, the parasitic nematode responsible for the potentially fatal disease strongyloidiasis in both humans and dogs, undergoes a unique life cycle consisting of both parasitic…

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Quantifying Impacts of Invasive Species on Imperiled U.S. Animals

Invasive species are a leading cause of biodiversity loss around the world. We identified the top invasives species impacting threatened and endangered animals listed under the ESA. We hope this…

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Danielle Oberdick- Effect of Ectodysplasin A on Scute Development

This study is looking to see the effects of Ectodysplasin A (EDA) on scute development in turtles. EDA is important in the formation of epidermal appendages similar to hair, nails, and the feathers…

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Nicole_Lee_Land use effects on microplastic presence in macroinvertebrates within the Schuylkill Watershed

This research study determined the impact that land use had on the presence of microplastics in macroinvertebrates over a twenty-year period in the Schuykill Watershed. Most microplastic studies have…

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Administration of valerenic acid reduces anxiety-like behavior in young-adult female C57BL/6J mice.

This undergraduate research project completed by Natalie Pinder in the lab of Dr. John Hoover investigated the potential anti-anxiety effects of a plant-derived extract known as valerenic acid. The…

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Cryslen_Tuggle_My Internship at Aark Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center

Over the 2020 fall semester I interned at Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and education Center. During my internship I learned how to feed, handle, heal and understand the behaviors of many different…

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Selecting Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Sources in Biological Abstracts

This video explains what are scholarly and peer-reviewed sources and how to find them in the Biological Abstracts database. Contact Melissa at if you need help.

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Fermentation Lab

Narrated Powerpoint to support Bio 100 Remote Labs

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Finding Human Sexuality Research

This video includes how to find relevant human sexuality databases and search them for articles. If you have questions, please contact Melissa at

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Nicole _Notarianni Remote Acoustic Surveys for Bats in PA

This project involves the remote acoustic monitoring of bat species using ultrasonic microphones in natural areas. These surveys were conducted along the Kittatinny Ridge of Pennsylvania and the…

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