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  • From Tatiana Pashkova-Balkenhol

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    Learn how to search, save, and cite using Library Search
  • From Kellie McKnight

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    Women in Horror and The Silence of the Lambs
  • From Braeden Weaver

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    A deep dive into the issues of Race and Class theories in the film "Children of Men".

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  • From Melissa Gold

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    This video demonstrates library database features that can help you be more effective in your searches. Ask a Librarian if you have any questions at or…
  • From Melissa Gold

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    This video shows how to obtain full-text articles from library databases using the full-text, Find It @ Millersville, and Request this item links. Ask a Librarian if you…
  • From Melissa Gold

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    This video shows how to find a journal by title from the library's website. The journal can then be browsed by issue or searched by topic. Ask a Librarian if you…