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  • From Kimberly Auger

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    A quick down and dirty "how to" use the drawing tools in OneNote to annotate a pdf. Laptop used uses macOS.
  • From Kimberly Auger

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    While this video shows how to import through the Teams app for a class notebook. The process is the same for an individual OneNote notebook. To import in your a OneNote…
  • From Kimberly Auger

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    Video starts with how to locate physical books using the library website and then takes the viewer into the library to show how to locate the book once a call number is…

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  • From Melissa Donnelly

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    This video demonstrates library database features that can help you be more effective in your searches. Ask a Librarian if you have any questions at or…
  • From Melissa Donnelly

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    Introduction to the library for the Nursing programs, including navigating to the library website, getting help, and finding nursing databases. Updated 6/7/19
  • From spennucci

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    How to search the CLCD