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D2L Course Orientation for the McNairy Library Research Fellows Program

Overview of the research fellows D2L course focusing on organization and navigation.

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My project is an Action Research on the effect of incorporating story maps into classroom discussion to increase comprehension. This study was conducted in a six-week period in preparation for the…

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This video explains a study focused on the impacts of a daily dictated writing intervention. The intervention was implemented with a second grade student who struggles with English Language Arts. The…

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sources, citations, and speeches

discussion of how and why we cite sources in our speeches

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Literature of Witness Introductory Research Video with Quiz Questions

Zoom Recording ID: 3481369463 UUID: MlMD9fipSV+21Uhmhc/BjQ== Meeting Time: 2021-04-08T18:31:14Z

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Game of Microbes: Hemp, Crop Rotation, & Bacteria - Alan Snavely

An overview of some of the findings and ideas behind my Thesis project. Thanks so much for watching and feel free to ask questions / add comments!

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Brandon_Townsend_Virtual Persona and Gaming Communities: Player Interactions in Role-Playing Games

Video games are IN. They are a prevalent medium in today's growing marketplace of entertainment. What draws people in to participate in this Role-Playing escapism? With the help of the…

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The Impacts on Goal Setting for Second-Grade Students in Mathematics

This action research project explores the impacts that goal setting has on a group of second-grade students in terms of their math assessment scores and math Spring Math scores.

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Tatiana_Komori-Hertz_Now We're Stressed Out

Stress among college students is high and dangerous. This research explores the severity of the situation and how music can be a good coping mechanism for when stress is high.

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Danielle Oberdick- Effect of Ectodysplasin A on Scute Development

This study is looking to see the effects of Ectodysplasin A (EDA) on scute development in turtles. EDA is important in the formation of epidermal appendages similar to hair, nails, and the feathers…

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Fracture Analysis of Drill Core from Pennsylvania’s Piedmont and Valley and Ridge Provinces - Tim Garner

Pennsylvania has varying geology, and there is a broadly insufficient understanding of subsurface fracture behavior in the six physiographic provinces found within the state. So, fracture analysis…

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How to research for your SOWK312 course paper

Pause and apply each research strategy to search on your topic of interest. Also, check out an additional video on how to obtain articles …

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How do I find Empirical Research?

This video shows how to find empirical research. Ask a Librarian if you have any questions at or find more videos in the McNairy Library Tutorials channel:…

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The Effects of Valerenic Acid on Anxiety-Like Behavior in C57BL/6J Mice

In this presentation the effects of a plant-derived extract, Valerenic Acid, on the anxiety-like behaviors in mice was investigated using three tests. The tests used were the elevated plus maze…

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Organizational Approaches to Helping Employees Combat Burnout and Vicarious Trauma A.mp4

This presentation discusses the research completed by Channel Lowery, a Master of Social Work student, at a community organization that helps employees deal with burnout and vicarious trauma. This…

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Ginger_Bradbury_Grief in the Classroom

This resource was created based on a study that used qualitative interviews with Millersville University faculty who have had experiences as teachers, administrators, and/or counselors dealing with…

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