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Alisa_Landis_Accessibility for All: Enhancing the Curriculum with Assistive Technology

Accessibility for All: Enhancing the Curriculum with Assistive Technology (AT) is a grant funded project. This project aims to equip Millersville University students with AT toolkits that can be…

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The Impacts on Goal Setting for Second-Grade Students in Mathematics

This action research project explores the impacts that goal setting has on a group of second-grade students in terms of their math assessment scores and math Spring Math scores.

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Kisha_Young_Counting Cards: A Math Intervention

Overview of action research project findings.

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This presentation examines an action research study conducted in a third grade classroom. The study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of the word study program Words Their Way.

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Amanda_VanOverbeke_Employment and Adults with Down Syndrome

Adults with Down syndrome are statistically more likely to be unemployed compared to their neurotypical peers. That being said, having a job can give a person a sense of value and accomplishment.…

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Duin_Gabner_Hernandez_Hornung_McFadien_Advocating for Foster Care Youth in Higher Education

This video is in reference to our research proposal written for Dr. Jennifer Frank titled, Advocating for Foster Care Youth in Higher Education, which was selected to be published in MUsings: The…

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Inclusive Postsecondary Education Social Role Valorization Module 4 CAPTIONED

The fourth module in a series created by the PA Inclusive Higher Education Consortium to introduce students, coaches, staff, faculty and families to Inclusive Postsecondary Education and Social Role…

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Ginger_Bradbury_Grief in the Classroom

This resource was created based on a study that used qualitative interviews with Millersville University faculty who have had experiences as teachers, administrators, and/or counselors dealing with…

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Open Adoption Mentoring - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_6_Morning Session

PRESENTED BY: NICOLE PFANNENSTIEL As part of ongoing campus OER Efforts, this session explores why the OER Working Group at Millersville University designed a program focused on mentoring to support…

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Case Study: Psychology Adoption - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_5_Afternoon Session

PRESENTED BY: KARENA RUSH & LAUREN KAISER In an effort to connect students with materials on the first day of classes, faculty from Psychology discuss their experiences adopting open materials…

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Case Study: Education Adoption - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_5_Morning Session

PRESENTED BY: AILEEN HOWER & RICH MEHRENBERG With a specific focus on learning and cross-course transfer, faculty from Education discuss their experiences adopting open materials for students.

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Case Study: English Composition Adoption - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_4_Afternoon Session

PRESENTED BY: NICOLE PFANNENSTIEL & EMILY BALDYS This session explores ways of adopting multiple resources to support student engagement with learning about writing.

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Case Study: Art History Open Adoption - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_4_Morning Session

PRESENTED BY: HEIDI LEITZKE With a specific need for piecing together resources, an Art History professor discusses her experience adopting and teaching with a variety of open materials.

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Case Study: Biology Adoption and Design - #VilleOpensUp 2020 - 3_3_Afternoon Session

PRESENTED BY: MATT FOX & HEATHER LEHMAN With a specific focus on learning design, a Biology faculty member and Instructional Designer discuss building an OER course.

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K-12 Open Education Resources - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_3_Morning Session

PRESENTED BY: STEPHANIE PENNUCCI Millersville’s Education Librarian will discuss the role of OER in K-12 schools.

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Building OER Initiatives as part of the OpenStax Institutional Partnership Program - #VilleOpensUp 2020 3_2_Afternoon Session

PRESENTED BY: KRISTA HIGHAM & DANIEL ALBERT This session will describe our path toward OER awareness and adoption. Utilizing the OpenStax Institutional Partnership framework to build upon…

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