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Brooke_Strickhouser_The Daily 5 & Sight Words

For my ARP, I chose to observe whether or not the uncorporation of the Daily 5 intervention would improve sight word mastery in a Kindergarten classroom. The Daily 5 is 5 centers everday including;…

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This video explains a study focused on the impacts of a daily dictated writing intervention. The intervention was implemented with a second grade student who struggles with English Language Arts. The…

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Andrea_Perring Using Manipulatives to Reinforce Kindergarten Math

How can the introduction of manipulatives deepen the understanding of addition and subtraction for kindergarteners in a small group setting?

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Madison_Megonnell_Impacts of Visual Schedules

Visual schedules can be beneficial to many students but especially students that may have a disability. The student I worked with has Down Syndrome and they used the visual schedule for a week. This…

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Abigail_SavickyChoral Reading and Phrase Lists A Fluency Intervention in a 5th Grade Classroom

This student teacher action research project looks at the use of Megabook of Fluency interventions in a 5th grade classroom. Phrase lists and choral reading intervention strategies were used with…

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Brinley_Weaver_Vowel Team Phonics Instruction

I conducted this action research project during student teaching at Leola Elementary School in a 2nd grade classroom. I implemented vowel team instruction in my reading groups. Each day, we would do…

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Victoria_Good_The Effect of Comprehension and Fluency When Reading Online Versus on Paper

The focus of this study is to compare the comprehension and fluency skills of third-grade students who read a book online versus students who read a physical book. The goal is to see which type of…

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2021_2022_ULFP_Ubuntu_Leaders_Fellows Program_Addressing_the_Global_Goals_through_Community_Based_Projects

ULFP fellows and the program coordinator present the program's mission, goals, and structure, explaining how their community projects respond to hunger, poverty, quality education, and climate…

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Samantha_McDonough_Grammar Instruction in Elementary Grades

This presentation focuses on grammar instruction in elementary grades. The question of whether grammar instruction that presented in context and focuses on specific skills, positively affects…

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For many students, scientific vocabulary can be a barrier to conceptual understanding. The purpose of this action research project is to determine the effectiveness of frequent vocabulary review in…

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Anna Milner Critical Thinking in 3rd Grade

Students in a 3rd grade classroom learned all about Context Clues using the story Stone Fox. Students were given a pre-test and a final assessment. In addition for a few weeks students were given…

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Margaret_ Anderson_PairedReadingIntervention

The following study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of paired reading intervention when seeking to improve oral expression. The study was conducted over nine days and was framed with the…

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Alisa_Landis_Accessibility for All: Enhancing the Curriculum with Assistive Technology

Accessibility for All: Enhancing the Curriculum with Assistive Technology (AT) is a grant funded project. This project aims to equip Millersville University students with AT toolkits that can be…

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The Impacts on Goal Setting for Second-Grade Students in Mathematics

This action research project explores the impacts that goal setting has on a group of second-grade students in terms of their math assessment scores and math Spring Math scores.

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Kisha_Young_Counting Cards: A Math Intervention

Overview of action research project findings.

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This presentation examines an action research study conducted in a third grade classroom. The study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of the word study program Words Their Way.

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