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Abby_Gabner_Foster Care Youth through a Symbolic Interactionist Lens

Made in Millersville - MUsings 2022 Article This presentation looks at the challenges faced by American foster care youth through a symbolic interactionist lens. It focuses on SI's emphasis on…

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Race in the Classroom_Jamese Preston_Terri Pugh

This presentation discusses the research on the factors that are present for Black BASW and MSW students that affect participation and response to race related discussions in the classroom.

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Andrea_Perring Using Manipulatives to Reinforce Kindergarten Math

How can the introduction of manipulatives deepen the understanding of addition and subtraction for kindergarteners in a small group setting?

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Nicole_Sander_Integrating Music and Mathematics Through Concepts of Place Value

This Action Research Project focuses on integrating music through mathematical concepts of place value in a first grade classroom. The purpose of the study, implementation, and results are explained…

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Danielle_Hornung Symbolic Interactionism and Disability Analysis

This presentation provides a symbolic interactionist theoretical analysis of the development of disability as a social problem. This analysis briefly discusses disability prevalence and the…

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Rachel_Preibisch_A History of Child Welfare in the United States

Society has long grappled with the question of how to help children in need and who is worthy of help. Policy has evolved to reflect these views. Despite improvements in child welfare, it is still an…

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Samantha_McDonough_Grammar Instruction in Elementary Grades

This presentation focuses on grammar instruction in elementary grades. The question of whether grammar instruction that presented in context and focuses on specific skills, positively affects…

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Riley_Boike A New ERA for a New Era: Proposing a Modern Equal Rights Amendment

From the time Representative Daniel R. Anthony Jr. introduced it in Congress to its final 1982 ratification deadline, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) served as a subject for much debate. The ERA…

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