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Kaltura Capture recording - May 2nd 2021, 12:22:18 pm

Madelynne News's final project reflections on the 2021 Made in Millersville work for ENGL 317, taught by Dr. Kerrie Farkas.

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Niema_Abdullah AFRICAN AMERICAN IDENTITY: Genealogy, Genetics, and Race

An overview of how genealogy and genetic studies fit within the context of race and racial identity.

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Molly Merson: Font Fanzine

Font Fanzine is a 4-page newsletter spread detailing the impacts of fonts in writing, the psychology of fonts, and the difference between different font typefaces.

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Nathan_Maynard_Photoredox Catalysis

My project looks into photoredox catalysis, which involves utilizing light and a single electron transfer to form cyclobutane rings.

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Haley_Robinson_Sander Gardens Project

The Outdoor Classroom and Learning Gardens Project by Cara Haley, Claire Robinson, Nicole Sander

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Freshwater Analysis

Brittney Love and I have created an analysis of Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi for English 336.

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Mariah_Lynch_Shakespeare & Ecclesiastes - Qohelet & The Tempest

This presentation is based on a paper I wrote for Dr. Miller's Shakespeare class. In it, I argue that Shakespeare's The Tempest was heavily influenced by Qohelet's writings in…

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Channel_Lowery A Social Problem and Housing Exploration of Housing Discrimination

A quick overview of my article "A Social Problem and Policy Exploration of Housing Discrimination" which is also featured in the MU Graduate Journal

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Complete 2 steps for your conference videos

Complete 2 steps: 1. Publish your MU video presentation in Made in Millersville 2021 Category to make it publicly viewable. 2. Order and edit captions to make your presentation accessible to all…

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