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Study Room Booking

Study Room Booking instructions

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D2L Course Orientation for the McNairy Library Research Fellows Program

Overview of the research fellows D2L course focusing on organization and navigation.

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Game of Microbes: Hemp, Crop Rotation, & Bacteria - Alan Snavely

An overview of some of the findings and ideas behind my Thesis project. Thanks so much for watching and feel free to ask questions / add comments!

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Brandon_Townsend_Virtual Persona and Gaming Communities: Player Interactions in Role-Playing Games

Video games are IN. They are a prevalent medium in today's growing marketplace of entertainment. What draws people in to participate in this Role-Playing escapism? With the help of the…

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Fracture Analysis of Drill Core from Pennsylvania’s Piedmont and Valley and Ridge Provinces - Tim Garner

Pennsylvania has varying geology, and there is a broadly insufficient understanding of subsurface fracture behavior in the six physiographic provinces found within the state. So, fracture analysis…

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Ginger_Bradbury_Grief in the Classroom

This resource was created based on a study that used qualitative interviews with Millersville University faculty who have had experiences as teachers, administrators, and/or counselors dealing with…

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