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War on Terror: (music accompaniment by The Silent Comedy)

With the recent events in Aleppo and the continuing, looming threat of the Islamic State, there seems to be no end in sight for the war on terror. This video montage is a contemplative exploration of…

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Safe Spaces_FINAL

Adam Wallick A brief presentation of Safe Spaces and arguments surrounding their controversy.

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Citizens United vs. FEC

This video is an effort to change the decision of the supreme court in the case of Citizens United V. FEC Works Cited 1:38 "The Center for Responsive Politics." Opensecrets RSS. N.p., n.d.…

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pipeline final project

Video by Hunter Barrick, Nichole Witte, Kendra Spatz, and Emily Arndt about The North Dakota Pipeline and Lancaster Pipeline.

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LGBTQIA Equality

So this is my Viral Video project on LGBTQIA equality! I hope you enjoy! - All sources used are cited below. I only own the interviews, which I gained permission from each participant to use. Works…

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Planned Parenthood

In this video we will follow the stories of seven different people who have either used, or support the organization Planned Parenthood. They answer different questions including what services they…

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Cyber Security in American Politics

A video detailing the threat that cyber attacks and vulnerabilities pose to American citizens and the lack of action by a vast majority of our politicians, including our President-Elect. We face…

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Access to birth control

A young woman struggles to find access to birth control in her community. 00:55 Health Impact of Planned Parenthood Affiliates. (2015, December 22). 2014-2015 Annual Report, 30-31.

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Climate Change: Real or Hoax?

A video about climate change, its effects, and what we can do to prevent further damage. Completed for my Politics and Media course at Millersville University in Pennsylvania. All videos courtesy of…

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Gun Control

This video focuses on gun control. While nobody is threatening to take away guns, the gun-free zone creates easy targets and is part of a huge problem in today's world. This video digs into the…

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Loredana Marin's immigration viral video for Politics and Media class.

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My video is about gender inequality in the workplace as well as the pay gap between men and women in today's society.

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Closing The Gender Gap

This short clip is about closing the gender pay wage gap between men and woman. It fights for equal pay and explain why woman should have equal pay. It focuses on who the pay gap affects, what it is,…

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Three Men and a Penguin Discuss Climate Change

A republican, a liberal, a democrat, and a penguin have a conversation about climate change. From the "conspiracy" surrounding the issue, to the consequences of a global shift to…

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Black lives matter Interview

In this video i discuss the different stigmas surrounding the black lives matter movement with a member of the BLM movement

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